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Maintenance of window frames within HOA

Maintenance of window frames within HOA The policy that maintenance of window frames within an Home Owners Association is for the individual owners, is not legally valid when the deed of division states otherwise. More and more often home owners associations (HOA; VvE in Dutch) and apartment owners come to us with the question who […]

Is a verbal agreement binding?

When buying a house, is a verbal agreement binding? Now a days it is very hard to find your dream house or the perfect investment. Once you have found it. You and the seller are verbally in agreement. Then someone else is willing to pay more for the house and the seller does not want […]

The jurisdiction and applicable law in an international divorce procedure

The role of international aspects in Divorce proceedings More often international aspects play a role in divorce proceedings. These international aspects could be relevant to establish the jurisdiction of the Dutch court and to determine which law is applicable in divorce proceedings. This will be illustrated by the following international divorce case: Anna and Brody […]

CORONA ‘Temporary rental agreements’

CORONA Emergency Act “Tijdelijke wet verlenging tijdelijke huurovereenkomsten” Due to the Corona situation the Dutch Government has decided that it is not fair to expect from tenant that they can find new living space after the temporary rental contract will end. So, the Emergency Act ‘temporary act prolongation temporary rental agreements’ was born. This Act […]

Temporary rental contracts

As an expat you stay in the Netherlands for a certain time and you will usually conclude a temporary lease. With regard to temporary lease agreements, it is good to know the following. Since July 1st 2016 the possibilities for temporary lease have increased, in the sense that the tenant has less security of tenure […]